Arthur Game Series

Retail Early Learning CD Game Series, Licensed Characters, Marketing

Description: The Learning Company’s educational adventure CDrom series includes editions for Preschool, Kindergarten,First, and Second grades.  This program offers automatic help messages, multiple skill levels for younger and older children, and progress reports for parents.

Role: Art Manager, Game Design, Web UI/UX Design, Illustrator,

Clients: The Learning Company/Creative Wonders, Mattel Interactive, Creator Marc Brown

Objective: Initially to create a 3 title/ 6 CD educational children’s game series featuring the popular “Arthur” cartoon character. Upon completion contracted to add the Preschool version.

Target Market: 3 – 8 year old children (includes 4  products), and of course the teachers and parents who purchase it for them!

Role: Art Manager (Preschool); Senior Lead Artist (K-2nd Grade) (Tasks included: Activity/UI/UX design, asset production scheduling & development management, creative direction of a large production team of in-house & contract artists/animators, collaborating with client’s producer, project manager,  programming & marketing leads to meet goals)

Challenges:  To create the first 3 titles (6 CDs/27  activity modules) within 6 months; all graphics & animations to match the licensed character, “Arthur” style- which was very well know through his book collection & television series; create the 4th title in 3 months with the addition of a complete personalization module and all new activities which needed new graphics.

Approach: After compiling the  project schedule & resource needs, brought in talented game development contractors to augment the internal team so …Set up an assembly-line type production that started with my sketches, etc, Worked closely with creator Marc Brown to make sure product represented the franchise closely.


Results: Successful in keeping within and enhancing brand attributes; products delivered on-time and within budget. Creator Marc Brown was so thrilled with the finished product he made a special trip from his home in Boston to our San Rafael, CA studio to meet the production team. Marc stated that we had came the closest of anyone to recreating his drawing style.


Amazon Customer Reviews for Arthur’s Preschool (CD-ROM):

  5.0 out of 5 stars  “A great learning adventure!”   By Lara Norton

“My four year old will sit for hours at the computer with Aurthur. It is very easy for her to change activities and print items. I am very pleased with Aurthur’s preschool and would recommend it to all.”

  5.0 out of 5 stars “My 3 year old’s favorite”  By R. Miner

“It’s really a gem with lots of variety and flexibility.” [

A few of the Awards:

Note: This software was released in 2000, and is still being sold and receiving great customer reviews!


Susan Stanley, Contract Artist, Presage Studios / HumanCode
“I worked with Jana Yeakel at Presage Studios and then Human Code. She was the Art Director in my group. She is an easy person to get along with, and I was comfortable with her management. She was driven to accomplish our goals and was so organized we were able to complete work on deadline and enjoy the process. I would highly recommend her for any art direction or production. She is a skilled artist and a knowledgeable technician.”
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