Highly Recommended

Joe Thorpe, Managing Director, International Litigation Services, Inc.

“Creative, artistically gifted and quick to grasp project objectives, Jana combines unique talents and ability with business analytical skills — very rare and VERY valuable!”

Michael Shirley, Director of Creative Services, Sapient

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jana at WorldPlay Entertainment, Presage, and Sapient. She is a consummate professional, demonstrated by her integrity, communication, work ethic, creativity and ability to work comfortably and successfully in complicated work environments. She is both wonderfully creative and detail & task oriented, making her a perfect fit for leading teams on highly creative projects. Jana values team input/feedback and ideas, and as the ability to successfully incorporate all appropriate material into the project, as well as communicating with all other disciplines to fine-tune the functional requirements of all aspects of the technology involved. In short, Jana is a joy to work with, and any project she is involved with has always been successfully completed in a very rewarding fashion!!”

Eric Fox,  Director of  Technology, O.W.I.P. Holdings

“Jana is by far one of the most creative and efficient artists I have ever had the pleasure working with. She is very detail oriented and strives for perfection on all her work. She is able to manage her time and meet required deadlines reliably. She is extremely personable and diligent about her workplace mannerisms.”

Samantha Brown, Managing Director, Syndicatebleu

“I highly recommend Jana! Jana worked on a very high profile client and was incredible at keeping a sense of calm and humor. Working with Jana made everything easy. Jana’s project management skills coupled with a rolling up your sleeves attitude makes her someone I can constantly rely on and trust. You’d be lucky to work with Jana. Please feel free to contact me for more information.”

Diana Qasabian, Managing Director, Syndicatebleu

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

“I have worked with Jana for over 5 years and would highly recommend her to any prospective client. She is an excellent creative producer and an expert when it comes to high level presentation graphics. I have witnessed her tackle enormous last minute deadlines without getting flustered or losing focus and always delivering high quality design! If you are lucky enough to work with Jana, what you will get is a passionate designer and the most loyal colleague anyone could ask for.”

Steve Snyder, Director of Content Delivery, Human Code / Sapient

“I had the pleasure of working with Jana for several years. Her “can do” attitude, attention to detail and highly developed artistic skills made her an indispensable addition to the art team and a very successful project manager at Presage, Human Code and Sapient. If the opportunity arose, I would most definitely hire her again.”

Olga Yatooma, Senior Graphic Designer, OWIP Holdings

“I worked with Jana for approximately 1 year at OWIP Holdings. During this time Jana was the Creative Director for the company responsible for all aspects of the company websites, marketing materials and publications. Jana is a very talented, creative and hard working individual. I enjoyed working with her and learned a great deal from her. Since that time we have also worked together on several free lance projects.”

Susan Stanley, Contract Artist, Presage Studios / HumanCode

“I worked with Jana Yeakel at Presage Studios and then Human Code. She was the Art Director in my group. She is an easy person to get along with, and I was comfortable with her management. She was driven to accomplish our goals and was so organized we were able to complete work on deadline and enjoy the process. I would highly recommend her for any art direction or production. She is a skilled artist and a knowledgeable technician.”